Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dangers with astrology

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Astrology helps us a lot. But some point out that there are some dangers too.There are many dangers from astrology besides those associated with spiritism and all other occult practices.1 Science writer Lawrence E. Jerome states, "How much physical and psychological damage such false astrological practices and advice cause cannot even be estimated.2 Bart Bok, a former president of the prestigious American Astronomical Society, has observed that, "The study and ready availability of astrological predictions can exert an insidious influence on a person’s personal judgment.3 Indeed, if a billion people trust in the false advice of astrology in some degree, one can hardly hazard a guess at the overall personal cost around the world. Even some astrologers confess that practitioners are liable to the characteristic hazards of the trade. These kinds of hazards do not make for a trusting relationship between astrologer and client but further complicate an already potentially dangerous situation.

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About Reincarnation

Now we talk about reincarnation.It is deemed that we are all Divine Sparks, with a Spiritual Entity that lives for aeons of our time - an eternity to us. And that Spiritual Entity, in order to gain experience of the more earthly worlds, works through the vehicles of both the Soul and many incarnate Personalities, in order to achieve its purpose. The philosopy of reincarnation encompasses, and seems to explain, many aspects of experience that have hitherto remained a mystery. Some would argue that these mysteries of life were never meant to be explained, but there are others who believe that we all have a responsibility to find out as much as we can about the seemingly strange, which means, perhaps, being open to examining all ideals and beliefs with an open mind?

What is Karma?

Many people talk about karma a lot. Have you ever been in a situation where you have felt that the event you are experiencing had happened before, and you seem to know what is going to happen next.? Maybe you have caught the eye of a stranger across the road, only to suddenly feel as if you know them intimately?Or perhaps you have walked through an unknown street and seen a house that you feel you once lived in long ago?Many of us dismiss these things as co-incidence, or a strange quirk of time, but for many others there is another explanation which seems to make a lot of sense. This explanation is founded on the belief that every individual is born more than once - in fact many times - in order to gain the necessary experience to reach perfection.Not all these things can be traced back to a hidden childhood experience, and for many there seems absolutely no rationality at all. Yet, those who believe in the philosophy of reincarnation say there is a simple explanation for these things - that we are reliving part of a memory that comes from another life in another time and another place, where events such as drowning or other such things have taken place.
The theory of reincarnation is not a new concept. The Hindu and Buddhist religions, to name but a couple, believe that we are all souls travelling through time, using as many bodies as is necessary to gain the right experience. They believe that it is totally impossible to experience everything, and learn all there is to know about life in just one incarnation.